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Here's a collection of links to places which I've found useful before and during my build.

Kitcar / Modified car Forums
The Dax Sporting Club - a really useful forum, where you can talk about diff ratios and things without getting funny looks from the missus
The Locostbuilders forum. Lots of types of kitcars being built by people on there, and lots of good general information for 7 type projects.
Gearcalc - useful little program to calculate speed / rpm for given gear ratios and final drive ratios
Practical Performance Car Magazine's forum. All manner of modifying madness, including two very inventive Alfa v6 conversions.
Stratos Enthusiasts Club Forum. Stratos replicas commonly use the Alfa v6, so there's a lot of engine knowledge floating around here.
Build Diaries
Alex's v8 Build - I've been following this one since the begining, really well detailed.
Stephan in the netherlands who put an Alfa 2.5 v6 into a rush around 2000. There's nothing new under the sun...
Build of a s2000 powered rush. If I wasn't so set on a v-engine, one of these would be my next choice I think. 9000 rpm sounds like f-u-n.
Another v8, but an older build from 2000
...and another. Popular, these v8s!
Possibly the earliest online build diary, from 1998. v8 of course!
A new build for 2008, Craig's XE engined Rush.
Official Site of DJ Sportscars, manufacturers of the Dax Rush and Tojeiro
Alfa Romeo
The Alfaowner forum. I did a lot of reading here when doing my research!
Another Alfa forum, this one geared to the 156 and 147 models. However, there are some very informative engine strip down/build/swap threads with lots of pictures.
Strip down and rebuild of the heads on a GTA with the engine in situ
Total strip down of a broken engine, with lots of very clear pictures.
A set of workshop manuals for the 164. Dutch site but the manuals themselves are in English. Unfortunately they only cover the 12v V6 engine, not the 24v which I have.
I now have an electronic copy of the 24v manual, see the information page
Calculators etc
Jake Latham's brake calculator - impressive, and very useful! There are a number of other useful tools and tables on there as well.
Lathes / Machining / Old tools
Practical Machinist Forum (USA). This forum has proved invaluable to me for all things lathing and milling, particularly the Southbend section
A retired turner and teacher, who has put together an excellent set of instructional videos.
Youtube user TheViper6506 has uploaded several original B&W movies from the 1940s, which are extremely helpful to the budding turner, as well as being a window into a different time. Or simply search youtube for "Old Southbend Instructional Movies"
Information about the companies and people of the industrial revolution, up until the present.
Simply the best site for learning about welding.
Link to the IVA Manual. The latest version can be downloaded from this page
Pistonheads is a huge motoring site, with a lively forum and classified ads. There are some very knowledgable folks on there lurking in the subforums.
Wikipedia is a great starting point for engine research, as it contains most of the engine models for each manufacturer. And more importantly, the names/codes of each - I discovered that once you know the engine code (such as 6G72, 1uzfe etc), it is much easier to find stuff using google or whatever.
Toyota 1UZ-FE
This is THE place for 1uzfe information. Useful tech articles and a great forum.