So, finally, 50 weeks after ordering my kit, today I got to collect it. A good way to celebrate St. Georges day!

You can fit it all in a transit, apparently, but given that I would also be collecting my engine and box, I thought I'd play it safe and hire a Luton box van.

A 7am start gave me plenty of time to catch the rush hour on the M62, always a pleasure. I finally reached Harlow at around 1pm, to find my kit all boxed up and ready. The bright green bodywork really stood out in the shop, definately happy with the choice of colour. Loading up (and paying) took about an hour, not so bad. I didn't stick around for long as I was anxious to get back on the road, just time enough for a bit of a chat.

Plenty of room in the back

The return leg was better, only 5 hours that way. So I rocked up home exactly 12 hours after leaving. Being fairly tired by then I wasn't best pleased to find that I couldn't back the van up the drive, as it was bottoming out on the slope. So rather than decanting everything straight into the garage, it all had to be dumped on the drive and ferried in the long way. For most things not a problem, it was just further to haul the engine, box and chassis. Fortunately, the missus as ever did stirling work to help with the heavy bits.

I basically piled everything up in the garage and will deal with it over the weekend, to make sure I've got everything I should have, and stack all the things I wont need for a while up in the loft. Helpfully, I recently bought an old lathe which is currently also in various pieces in the garage - so I need to get that all sorted before I start on the car really.

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